CHANGES TO THE SIXTH EDITION. Obviously this edition is now a bit outdated but it's
extremely difficult to keep up with every change of beer or lager or something new in a menu
unless landlords and visitors let you know. With a staff of 'myself and him indoors' we just
don't have the time.

Having written and published this book for over 28 years - there have been many changes!
Perhaps we should write one called "Then and Now"? The price of food and drink, of course, will
have gone up and will have changed.

We saw a review the other day where someone stated that most of the pubs in our Guide book were
closed! Umm - no they have not! However, we have been reliably informed of the following UPDATES for

Many thanks to all our customers, past, present and future. Happy boating and happy holidays.


Page 10: THE KING'S HEAD. An excellent Carvery every day now and
some very good reports about the food in general.

Page 11. RISING SUN - obviously dropped the 'new'. Aspalls Cider popular here and very good food.

Page 12. RED LION - opened under new management in 2009.

Page 13: SWAN INN, HORNING- now a Vintage Inn. Good reviews on food.

Page 14: NEW INN, HORNING - winner of the Broads Awards in 2011 for the 'most Smoker
friendly pub' (now there's a change!) and 'Best Pub Moorings'. Food served all day in Summer months
and that includes a hearty breakfast if you feel so inclined. Free moorings.Water and electricity
provided for a small fee and a special little harbour for Day Boats.

Page 15: FERRY INN, HORNING - Now so popular at weekends with their Carvery that it is
suggested you visit during the week.

Page 15: MALTSTERS AT RANWORTH: Apparently superb renovations spoilt by bad food :(

Page 16: BRIDGE INN AT ACLE: Very good reviews about the food and ale here. Always was a pleasant
and popular stop.

Page 17: THE PONTIAC ROAD HOUSE. This is now a Chinese Takeaway. However, if the moorings are
still there we can think of worse places to pull up, order some food and open a bottle - or two ;)

Page 18: WHITE SWAN, YARMOUTH. Re-opened after flood damage in December 2006. Very good
food and excellent Sunday lunches.


Page 22: DOG INN, LUDHAM BRIDGE. Kangaroo steaks and crocodile hot pot? Goodness. Unless that
review was from an Aussie, this pub could be worth a visit out of curiosity alone ;)

Page 23: WHITE HORSE, NEATISHEAD. Woodforde's Wherry still on sale but apparently there is a 'For
Sale' sign outside the pub. If anyone can enlighten us from July 2013 onwards we would be grateful. This could
be a great pity for Neatishead as there used to be another beautiful pub here which is now a private house :(

Page 24: WAYFORD BRIDGE HOTEL. Still going strong we hear.

Page 25: CROSS KEYS, DILHAM DYKE. Much work being done to the Canal here, so if coming
up by Cruiser (rather than canoe - which can be hired from Wayford Bridge) please be aware that you will
not be able to get under the low bridge when you are almost at Dilham. There are 3 to 4 mooring places here
and you can then walk up to the 'Cross Keys' on your left. It's a fair walk from Wayford Bridge but some of
you may feel it's worth it. Now open all day during Summer - especially at weekends. Call ahead to make sure.

Page 26: THE GREBE, STALHAM. Still a Pub lover's pub!

Page 26: THE KINGFISHER HOTEL, STALHAM. Oh dear, it would seem that this place has gone downhill
somewhat from the few reviews that are anywhere up to date.

Page 27: THE SWAN, STALHAM. Still very popular with excellent food. Looks like the one to head for if
you're starting from/ending at, Stalham.


Page 31: THE LION AT THURNE. Extremely good reviews about both the ales and the food!

Page 32: FALGATE INN, POTTER HEIGHAM. Can honestly say we have never seen or heard
anything but good reviews about this pub.

Page 33: THE LION, WEST SOMERTON. Re-opened in September 2012 under new management.

Page 34: THE NELSON HEAD, HORSEY MERE. A very, very popular pub all round!

Page 35: THE PLEASURE BOAT INN, HICKLING has new landlords and there
are varying reports on the food from 'splendid' to 'won't go again'.


Page 39: BELL INN, ST. OLAVES. Do they still do the "Big Bell Burger"? Re-furbished 2007 and
still popular.

Page 40: DUKES HEAD, SOMERLEYTON. Everything from "hidden gem" to "disappointing".

Page 41: COMMODORE, OULTON BROAD. Expensive now but still popular we hear. Pity, used to be
a lovely little pub with great Sunday lunches.

Page 42: WHERRY, OULTON BROAD. Carvery still what visitors like the most. Still expensive but
then Oulton Broad is on the main drag (roadwise) so they don't just have river folk to rely on.

Page 43: LADY OF THE LAKE, OULTON BROAD. Closed June 2012. Now re-opened with fair reviews.

Page 44: WAVENEY RIVER CENTRE, BURGH ST PETER. Plans are afoot. The present landlords
finish their tenancy this year so the Owner is 'updating' the pub side of things.

Page 45: BEAR AND BELLS, BECCLES. This from the present landlord 2013. "The new centre bar has a large
drinking area with comfortable settees in front of an open log fire lit during the winter months. A separate dining
area, with another open log fire, customers can enjoy excellent pub food selected from the extensive menu or
choose from the daily changed special board"

Page 46: THE WHERRY, GELDESTON. Definitely one to visit if you are on the Waveney.
Still getting rave reviews and still serving great food and ale.

Page 47: THE LOCKS INN, GELDESTON. Still got the candlelight - and now there's a very bumpy road
if you must visit by car. Personally this is really the kind of pub you'd probably prefer when on a boating holiday.


Page 51: THE SHIP, REEDHAM. Good food. Free mooring. Value for money.

Page 52: LORD NELSON, REEDHAM. Still going strong. Still popular.

Page 53: REEDHAM FERRY INN. Not many bad reviews here and food and beer still extremely varied.

Page 54: SWAN INN, LODDON. Recently refurbished. Good reviews.

Page 55: THE KING'S HEAD, LODDON. Apparently the 'Robinsons Restaurant' is run separately from
the pub side of life nowadays and (we quote) there are some young locals who can be a little boisterous
at times. Horses for courses is what we say.

Page 56: THE ANGEL, LODDON. Had a chat in July 2013 with the landlady and there's still no food available.
Lunchtime opening is 12 to 2.30 in the week and all day at weekends.

Page 57: THE REEDCUTTERS, CANTLEY. Under new management as from June of last year so perhaps
our kindly readers will let us know what they think ;) We have to say it was extremely popular so we can
only hope the new landlords find it as beneficial as did the last good people there.

Page 58: THE NEW INN, ROCKLAND BROAD. Pub closed from winter 2012 until 2nd May this year along
with a previous landlord who, apparently, only stayed 9 months. May we wish the new tenants all the best of
luck with this lovely little pub?

Page 59: THE YARE, BRUNDALL. Very varying reviews here but popular with locals. Maybe try Coldham
Hall Tavern
almost opposite? This has been in most of our previous Guides.

Page 60: THE FERRY HOUSE, SURLINGHAM. Very good reviews for this. As it has had an extremely up and
down existence we are happy to know it is now very popular again. It was always a lovely old pub.

Page 61: THE WOODS END, BRAMERTON. Now known as 'The Water's Edge'. Real ale and lagers and an
upmarket restaurant now, so maybe not so much for the 'boating family'?

Page 62: THE RUSHCUTTERS ARMS, THORPE. Still a Chef and Brewer pub apparently with average reviews.

Page 63: THE BUCK INN, THORPE ST ANDREW. Many reviews on this one. Mostly good.

Page 64: THE RIVER GARDEN, THORPE. Tapas "Norfolk style", we're told. Also hear it's
good for real ales but not so hot on food.

Page 64: THE TOWN HOUSE, THORPE. Now a Carvery every day so quite popular. "Children eat free on Sundays"
says their advertising. For each adult dining one child under ten eats free. Seems like a good idea to us.

New updates kindly sent by readers May 2015. Many thanks for these!

May 2015 THE RIVERS YARE, CHET & WAVENEY by Rob and Jackie of Nantwich

NEW INN, ROCKLAND BROAD STAITHE (Page 58) Saturday 2nd May 2015 - the pub had a booking for 52 people for a barbecue, so was not doing food that night for the general public. We were proposing to eat there next Thursday but when we phoned to book a table, we were told that “they have a problem in the kitchen~” so there was no food available on that day OR the Friday. From our point of view, the New Inn is a bit of a loss and we will certainly think twice before making the journey into Rockland Broad in future, without checking beforehand. Such a pity because this is a pretty spot to moor and very quiet out of season. Free mooring here.

THE REEDCUTTERS - CANTLEY (Page 57) We moved quickly on from Rockland Staithe on the Saturday evening up to Cantley and the Reedcutters. Do not be put off by appearances. The current owner is carrying out refurbishment work as an ongoing project. He has already completed the work on the six B & B rooms upstairs, and the work on the restaurant itself is almost completed. We ate in the bar area and the food was excellent - large portions of well cooked food and good value for money. We were made to feel welcome in this pub. Good free moorings here too.

KING’S HEAD, LODDON - (Page 55) (Robinson’s restaurant - accessible through the bar area to the rear of the pub) We visited the restaurant at the back of the King’s Head for their Sunday Carvery and found excellent food, pleasant staff, good service and very good value for money. We were in Loddon again overnight on the following Thursday. Initially we were going to dine at The Swan but the menu was not really to our taste and somewhat uninspiring - as evidenced by another couple standing next to us, who also read the menu and moved on! We should stress this is our own personal opinion on reading the menu and, obviously, we cannot comment on the service or the food here. We therefore decided to re-visit the King’s Head. Again, an excellent meal and we were warmly greeted for returning to their restaurant. This really is a great place to eat.

BEAR & BELLS, BECCLES - (Page 45) A Bank Holiday Monday and the pub was not serving food - either on Monday OR Tuesday evening! For anyone who has mobility problems the other pubs were much further on and not near enough for us to cope with the extra walking. However, the “Chippy”, next to the Royal Oak (which does not do food anyway) was excellent value. The chicken breast and fish were really good and the chips were not dripping with fat or oil. . This “Chippy” is on the junction of Ravensmere and Newgate. The Yacht Station at Beccles now charges £8.50 for 24 hours.

THE WAVENEY - OULTON BROAD - (new one!) This is on Bridge Road, just past the Lady of the Lake pub. We had to wait about 35-40 minutes for our lunch but it really was worth waiting for! Excellent food, good value for money and pleasant staff yet again.

THE FERRY HOUSE, SURLINGHAM - (Page 60) Despite a somewhat tired appearance inside, the food at this pub was superb - again with very cheerful, helpful staff. Good value for money and well worth stopping here.

THE YARE, BRUNDALL - Friday 8th May - (Page 59) Our last night back in the boatyard at Brundall and we went down to the Yare pub. Again, we found tasty food from a varied menu - including desserts to put the lbs. on! Despite varied reviews we found this a good place to eat. Plenty of staff on hand, and waiting time minimal. Again, good value for money.

Thank you for your interest and please do email us if you have any comments or suggestions at